Help me find a Plant of the Month Club for a gardener's gift!
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I'm looking for recommendations for a monthly subscription club that ships live plants suitable to be replanted outside or, at a minimum, kept alive on a porch or window. Cut flowers won't work here, I want to give a gardener a steady stream of projects and surprises for 2014. Mid-Atlantic region of the east coast if it helps. Thanks you so much in advance! This is a bear of a bunch of search terms.
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Check out Jackson and Perkins. I've mostly bought roses from them. (I didn't notice so much had sold out there!)
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I don't know if this will help, but you could contact Elizabeth, proprietor at Grassy Knoll Exotic Plants based in Oregon City, Oregon. She has "Daily Deals" on any number of interesting often difficult-to-find plants and has gone out of her way to accommodate my odd requests. Ships everywhere. Very knowledgeable and trustworthy. Highly recommend. She may, however, close during the winter months.
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White Flower Farm does this. They're known for quality, but they're also expensive.
FTD does a bonsai of the month club, if that's an interest of hers/his.
More traditional options are: 1-800 Flowers, ProPlants, or the "gardener" of the month club, which is seeds, tools, ornaments, etc.
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red envelope has a year of seeds, a windowsill garden in cute pots
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Where in the Mid-Atlantic region is your giftee located? It makes a difference in terms of plant hardiness etc.
There is a wonderful, very high -quality nursery in NC called Plant Delights - they specialize in unusual perennials, and might be able to set something up with you for a series of shipments. Their live chat feature is currently offline (it's early here), so I couldn't do any preliminary sleuthing for you :)
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Plant Delights
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