13 years old, my car’s about to hit puberty.
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I have a 2001 Prius and it needs a new hybrid battery. Does anyone in Milwaukee, WI, know of a shop that can do this?

A lot of sites that sell replacement batteries say is possible to do it myself, but that’s not what I want. (Bonus: What sites sell reliable and inexpensive replacement hybrid batteries?)
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Does it need an entirely new hybrid battery pack, or is it just that one or a few cells need to be replaced?
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Most likely the whole thing.
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Not sure whether they work on hybrids, but our neighborhood mechanic is the great and I would absolutely recommend them. Knepper's Bros on Kinnickinnic in Bay View.
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I'm in San Francisco, not Milwaukee, but we have a splendid awesome hybrid-specialist garage we take our car to. They're called Luscious. The mechanics are incredibly nice, not condescending or bullshitty, lay out options, and are just generally awesome. If you email them, they might know somebody in your area they can recommend. We just had the battery on our 2001 Prius replaced (178K miles). Feel free to memail if you want.
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