This totally awesome iridescent bag
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I saw the coolest messenger-ish bag today, made with subtly iridescent fabric. Anyone know where I can find this bag?

A young woman in Boston was carrying this super awesome bag, but I wasn't brave enough to ask her where she got it. Here's what I noticed about the bag:

- It was an everyday bag, not a dressy or nightclubby one. I'd describe it as a vertical messenger bag, with a zip top and no flap. This bag is similar in size and proportions.
- The material looked substantial, like canvas or luggage-quality nylon, with a thick weave that I could see from a few feet away. It looked like the sort of bag that could stand up to a lot of use.
- The color was a sort of khaki-gray with lavender iridescence. This is similar in color (but the bag was definitely not made of taffeta).
- I did not notice any labels or logos. I don't recall seeing any external pockets, buckles, or embellishments.

I don't need this exact bag, but I'd like to find something very similar: an everyday style with sturdy but pretty iridescent fabric.
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Was it an Ice Red bag?
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Don't see that in particular, but there are some other iridescent options.

One of these?

One of these?


Something like this chappie?
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Maybe something from Timbuk2? They have tons of messenger bag options and they're very customizable.
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I've seen custom R.E.load bags with that sort of fabric, i'm almost positive.

The heavy duty cordura and crazy iridescent material really makes me think it would be a custom job like their custom bags, or another similar manufacturer. That just sounds expensive to me.
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This is not as irridescent, but these bags are super sturdy -
lavender courier bags
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LeSportsac makes some bags that tread the line between fashion and function.

This tote from their signature collection is a similar shape and is shiny/iridescent.

I'm kind of partial to it, because my wife is the designer.

When she buys bags, she loves loves loves MZ Wallace.
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Could it be a mini walking bag from Courierware, in "reflective"?
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