Please help me find and choose a Drupal theme
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I'm hoping to find a Drupal theme/template that would be suitable for the website of a wedding venue.

We like the "wordpress-style", photo-centric look of many other wedding venue sites out there, and hoping for something similar given that we are currently shackled to Drupal with the rest of our site (uggh.. there's a whole nother mess of questions for another time).

The theme should be clean, simple, elegant (our current buzzword is "rustic elegance," but I expect that tone to come across more so in the imagery we end up choosing than the theme itself). Needs to have customizable header, footer, and possibly buttons or other graphics for the menus and whatnot. We like the look of big, rotating images at the top, and below that should have image-based navigation options. Horizontal drop-down navigation menu would be key as well.

Along the lines of these, for example:

Can anyone help with some specific suggestions? I've browsed themeforest and some other sites, but I find that very daunting. Most of the drupal themes seem rather "corporate" to me, and I have trouble wading through all of that and zeroing in on exactly what we want. I'm also unclear about which aspects of any particular theme are customizable, and which are not. How do you tell??? Tips for how to more effectively search for one would be welcome too.
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Are you sure you want to go with Drupal for this? I am a Drupal developer and it is my goto for advanced sites, but for what you want, Wordpress is much easier to work with and there are plenty of the kinds of themes you want.

That said, supposedly there is a responsive Drupal 7 version of this theme: Hitched theme demo site (See the author's comment here: thread). I haven't been able to locate it, only the Wordpress version, but you could try contacting the theme author. His email is in the posted comment.
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Oh, sorry, I missed your note that you are shackled to Drupal for reasons. I'll try to dig around more to see if I can come up with a reasonable solution for you.
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Ok, I'm back again. First, I should mention that there isn't really anything super fancy or complicated about a site like the Overberg Wedding site that you couldn't replicate with a minimalist theme, a judicious selection of fonts and images, and a couple images-related modules. Really, the key to capturing that "rustic elegance" is just in the font choice, a subtle color scheme, and nice images.

That said I did find this theme, which might fit your needs: MD Wedding. It looks like it would give you a great starting point and plenty of configurability from the theme configuration screen.

If you want to continue to search for more themes that could get you in the ballpark, I would try searching for artistic/creative themes, such as for photo portfolios. For instance I found this theme: Spotlight theme. Change the fonts, turn the list of images on the homepage into a slider, and you would have a pretty nice and elegant site. Possible keywords for searching would be: artistic, creative, photography portfolio, minimalist, elegant. And so on.

Hope that helps.
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I recently had to create a very quick prototype site, and had great luck working with a responsive, mobile-friendly theme from More than Themes. Excellent documentation on how to tailor it for your needs. The out-of-the-box mobile-friendly factor was a huge benefit.
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