Need ideas for chocolate-flavored olive oil
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I was gifted with a bottle of chocolate-flavored olive oil. What are some of your favorite recipes or uses for the stuff? I don't want it to gather dust in my cupboard.
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I think you are pretty much REQUIRED to drizzle it on fresh, juicy fruit - strawberries, raspberries, split-open figs and the like.
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Find a recipe for olive oil cake or cookies, and try it there.
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I often make brownies with olive oil. It's a really subtle difference in taste, but I'd bet it would be even better with the chocolate-flavored olive oil.

Also, what about trying to make a chocolate focaccia? Here's a recipe that I'm now thinking about making just from looking it up!
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I agree with baking. I often use olive oil in any baking recipe that calls for oil so anywhere that calls for oil and would be okay with the addition of chocolate. Do take a good sniff of the oil though and make sure it smells good because that is the flavor that you'll have. Olive oil has a variation of intensity in flavor and that will carry through to your recipe. I would do an olive oil cake.
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Chocolate mousse, chocolate olive oil cake, olive oil granola, olive oil ice cream, olive oil ricotta pound cake, olive oil ricotta cake with blueberry-plum coulis.

I might also mix it with balsamic vinegar to pour over berries, drizzle it plain over gelato or sorbet, or even use it to saute my mirepoix for a batch of chili (always excellent with cocoa powder or a bit of dark chocolate mixed into it).
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I think it would be wonderful to serve with fresh baguette to dip, and some cheese. The Wisconsin Cheese Council suggests some cheese to pair with chocolate.

You could also do a more sweet-friendly dukkah, with ground nuts, maybe some finely shaved white chocolate, cinnamon, anise...

When I started writing this post, I thought, "Chocolate olive oil? Who would want that?" but now I want some.
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I bet this Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake would be delicious with chocolate olive oil.
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chocolate olive oil cake -- actually any of the chocolate quickbreads that use oil should work well with yours.
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Biscotti is very easy to make, and uses olive oil. I have a delicious lemon-almond biscotti recipe, memail me if you want it. I'm sure it could easily be adapted to chocolate-almond.
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how about gnocchi tossed in the oil with some toasted nuts, cinnamon and nutmeg, topped with a little vanilla gelato?
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I've used a chocolate balsamic to make really delicious salad dressing. I assume chocolate oil, with either plain or a complementary flavour of vinegar (try blood orange!) would be very tasty too.
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Olive oil pie crust for a strawberry rhubarb pie!
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If you do ice cream, there are some good recipes for olive oil ice cream out there. I bet chocolate-flavored olive oil would bring an interesting taste.

David Lebovitz is my go-to.
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Thank you all very much! These are all great ideas. I've never used the stuff before and didn't want it to go to waste.
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