Looking for commercial kitchen supply store, north Chicago burbs
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I'm looking for a restaurant supply/commercial kitchen supply store in the northern (near Gurnee) Chicago burbs. I'm setting up a business in Japan, and there are some things (like clothing in my size, certain specialized utensils) that are difficult or expensive to find here. I'm also interested in GFS/non-membership stores that sell bulk spices, if there are any in the area.
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Sort of a roundabout connection, but try Mike at Soapmaker's Choice, a division of Columbus Foods. He is very nice and perhaps can refer you to who you need to get your items.
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Federal Supply in Waukegan.
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Yeah, Federal Supply in downtown Waukegan is pretty good. Their storefront is small but they are very friendly and will order anything for you. I haven't found a single non-GFS restaurant supply store out here that sells foodstuffs, though.
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Oh, sorry - didn't realize GFS was in the running. I live in Waukegan and always go to the one in Kenosha, WI, which is about 20 minutes north of me. I think that there are other GFS stores near O'Hare? I'm not sure.
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If you don't want to make the trip in person, you can order almost anything restaurant related from Schweppe's.
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