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Could anyone recommend a fabulous vet for cats in the SF Bay Area?

We just moved out from the east coast to Oakland. No particular vet stands out on Yelp, and I thought I'd query you crazy cat people. I have two fuzzy thugs, one elderly and one youngin', and we'd be happy to head from Albany to San Leandro, or out to Lafayette for a vet that's not always booked up, reasonably priced, kind, and competent.
Thanks for your help!
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I've been taking our kitties to All Pets for years.

Great vets, and they have a prescription delivery service that will have a 25 lb bag of food at your door literally the next day. Super convenient for me since both my cats need prescription food.
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After a terrible experience with Nob Hill Cat Clinic in SF, I was directed to Mission Pet Hospital where my lovely friends have been well cared for. I met them at the end of Boo's life, when they were extremely compassionate and caring, and I trust them with young Cosgrove and Little Kiwi. I learned about them from a friend whose bull mastiff was treated for cancer by MPH, and I'm only sorry I didn't know about them sooner.
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Creature Comfort in Oakland is fantastic. I've used them for 8 years. They even did some crazy miracle acupuncture on a near-death cat of mine, an event which the skeptic in me still has a hard time accepting (can there be a placebo effect on cats?).

Alt-treatment aside, they are also a solid, old-school vet.
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I don't have cats, but I've been taking my dog to Mission Pet for years. Love them.
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We had great experiences taking our pup to Codornices Veterinary in Albany. Bonus: Same shopping center as the awesome Alpha Pet Supply.
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We've been taking our cat to Campus Vet on MLK in Berkeley for several years now. They are great and you can tell they all really care about animals. Dr. Reed is excellent.
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A friend of mine had a terrible experience with Campus Vet: in the course of a routine ear cleaning they damaged some nerves, and the cat now has some permanent hearing damage. They not only still made her pay for the treatment but charged her for the antibiotics her cat needed during recovery. Just FYI.
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Dr. David Grant. I've been using him for my three senior kitties for the last year. He's got the magic touch, is kind and compassionate, and won't charge you for b.s. that you don't need (in our case, heart tests and tooth extractions, which previous vets had said we needed). I've only used him for house calls, which are pricey (but *so* worth it, IMHO), but he also works out of Codornices Vet.
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I live in Oakland and have been going to Montclair Veterinary Hospital for many years (I found them after a bad experience at Cordonices where they broke my cat's tooth while trying to give her a shot). Anyway, Montclair is fantastic. I really really like them.
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We've been happy with Dr. Mattu at University Vet in Berkeley.
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