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So my sister in law missed a court date after moving out of Wisconsin. She failed to keep her address current with her child custody court and missed the notification of a court date. She now has found out she has a bench warrant out for her arrest. So what is next for her and can anyone recommend a good lawyer in the area?
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She should be entitled to a lawyer at public expense.

Where is the court? Milwaukee? She may be entitled to help from the Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee.

The plan here would be to get counsel to set a hearing date to quash the warrant, and also to deal with whatever the hearing was supposed to address.
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She is only entitled to a lawyer at public expense if she can't afford a lawyer AFAIK.
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Justinian is right. I made an assumption.

If she can afford a lawyer, I'd look for a referral from the local bar association.
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This is one. The lawyer should be contacted first, and then he or she will contact the appropriate office to let them know that she is not in fact a scofflaw. Hopefully this will be worked out.
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I sent you a memail for the awesomely stupendously amazingly awesome family lawyer I used in Madison. Madison, is not Milwaukee, but she will know people, I'm sure.
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