Two Player Head-To-Head Doom over Internet between PC and MAC
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I want to play head-to-head Doom/Doom II over the internet with a friend. I have a PC, she has a Mac. What's the easiest way?

I have been ploughing through the Doom Wiki and settled on Odamex as a good piece of software to do this with. Only thing is, it appears to only work through independently hosted servers.

We want to play a two player game, running our own WAD, so that only the two of us are connected to the same map. We have a PC and a Mac, which is a major issue with this. Can we hook our computers together over the internet, like the old LAN Party days?

Any ideas?
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You could use LogMeIn's Hamachi:

There's a free version. You can create a LAN tunneled over the internet. There are clients for both Mac and PC. You could do this with vanilla Doom.

Why is Odamex an issue? Can't you create your own server:

Surely Doom does not tax your computer so much as to prevent you from running both the client and the server.
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If you're not stuck on wanting to play vanilla Doom (orthodox old-school Doom, straight from the floppies, running in DOSBox or the like), you might want to look into using a modern port that simplifies multiplayer, like Zandronum. Looks like there's both a PC and Mac OS X version available, so that should be the easiest route for you.
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Thanks! I think I have cracked it with Zandronum
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