Beginning knitting book for kids
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I'm looking for a book on how to knit, for a 7 year old. I'm planning to teach her the basics in person, and then give her the book to take home for further reference. Can anyone recommend a good one? Bonus: Do you have a favorite yarn store in SF?
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Not sure of a book, but I love Imagiknit on 18th Street. If you don't get a good suggestion here for a book, I'll be they can offer one.
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Kids Knitting is good.
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In addition to knitting books, I've found YouTube to be extremely helpful in helping me visualize how the working yarn is supposed to be moving.
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I haven't seen it first hand, but there is a knitting DVD for kids. Watching someone knit was easier for me to learn than looking at pictures in books and trying to figure out the movements involved.
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Another thumbs up for Kids Knitting. I taught myself out of that book as an adult.
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Seconding Imagiknit. They're awesome!
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Thirding for Imagiknit; last time I was there, a mom and daughter duo were buying their first yarn and booking private crochet lessons, so they will have suggestions/resources for teaching children to knit.
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Thanks, all! I bought yarn and needles at Imagiknit today (they're pretty close to my neighborhood). They didn't really have a book I liked, so I'm going to order Kids Knitting.
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