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Secret Santa draw asked for "something useful for playing pranks", and I' nothing. Help?

Gift limit is $20. Something online-orderable would be nice, so long as I can get it by Monday, but physical (LA-area) stores work too.
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a disguise? You know, so that they don't caught.
posted by PuppetMcSockerson at 9:17 AM on December 18, 2013 [1 favorite]

A $10 bill and a $10 fishing pole?
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This person is just ripe to have a prank played on him/her. Not entirely sure what that would be but it's a golden opportunity.
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Pranks like office pranks? Stick-on googly eyes, Justin Bieber posters, rolls of foil.
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$20 gift certificate to this catalog (and a copy of the catalog).
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Several boxes of jello nestled deep inside a gigantic jello mold.
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I would get $20 worth of classic joke/prank stuff. A whoopee cushion, the can of nuts that has a spring-coil snake inside, fake bugs, one of those "disguise" glasses+nose+moustache things, etc.
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What you really need is something like this
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I'd go to amazon and search through the prankophile literature. And listen to ecorrocio.
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I have a co-worker who loves to play pranks at work, and the best one she ever did was to replace the soap next to a (non-bathroom) sink with olive oil.
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Two words: whoopie and cushion.
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Duct Tape. As much as you can get for $20.
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Stuntology is nothing but pranks from cover to cover.
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I've been pranked with an annoy-o-tron, which was the earlier version of the eviltron that PuppetMcSockerson linked to. The problem is that it's too awful. It's not a good prank. It's a bad prank. The person you pranked may well kill you. And no jury in the world would convict them because the defense lawyer would just hide an annoy-o-tron in the jury room and that would be that.

Other than that, it's the obvious answer to this question.
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Whatever you end up getting, you can buy prank gift boxes to put them in: e.g..
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A better link to prank boxes.
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I couldn't sleep at night if I actually recommended the device PuppetMcSockerson linked to and that The Bellman referred to as "the obvious answer to this question". But, I don't think I can be faulted for simply calling your attention to the previous comments.
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One of my favorites (I've never actually done this) is to acquire a number of fresh, new, serially ordered two dollar bills and glue them into a tear off pad with padding compound.

The prank part is where you carry the pad of $2 bills into a store and tear off several of them to make a purchase.

For extra fancy, you can glue them up with a folding cover, tissue paper between each bill, and a time-to-reorder sheet ten or twenty bills up from the bottom.

The gift would be a bottle of padding compound.
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Update: party was last night. I ordered an Eviltron a few days before, mixed up some fake blood (corn syrup + red food coloring), and bought a roll of duct tape. Shortly before the exchange, I activated the Eviltron, taped it to the bottom, and wrapped the whole bottle in tape (with the manual for the Eviltron taped in a different place along the bottle, and the whole bottle nestled in the roll in a way that would further obscure the Eviltron. Unfortunately, the party was a little too loud for people to notice the spooky sounds before the giftee discovered it in the process of examining the package, but the presentation went over well and he seemed to approve of the possibilities.

Thanks Mefi!
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