Give me your links to critical readings of Buffy/Angel!
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Some recent FPPs about Buffy have reminded me of Reading the Vampire Slayer which is a collection of critical essays about the show circa season 5. It was surprisingly interesting and I would like to read more things like that. I'm looking for relatively academic stuff (not fannish musings but more like comparative studies of the show vs. various mythologies, thematic analysis, etc) and Google is failing me. Links to online sources would be ideal but books are okay too.
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This is what Google Scholar is excellent for.
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A fairly long lived online journal of Buffy academic examination is Slayage. Rhonda Wilcox and David Lavery have continued the work they started in Fighting the Forces: What's at Stake in Buffy.
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Undead TV, edited by Elana Levine and Lisa Parks. Some great TV Studies folks in there.
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The AV Club did a rewatch of Buffy & Angel a couple of years ago and a commenter there by the handle of "sophist" would write these really well-considered, thoughtful, essay-length comments after each review. I went looking for them and it looks like "sophist" deleted them all a while ago, but a little further digging shows that he updated them and collected them all here. Not "scholarly" in the sense of citated, but thoughtful and critical and perhaps what you're looking for.
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