Men's Jeans, 31" x 33"
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I need your hope. I cannot seem to find any clothiers who make jeans with a 31" waist and a 33" inseam. Alas, this is the size of jeans that would best fit my (apparently abnormal, disfigured) body. Do you know of a nice shoppe that would sell such an item to me? If so, I would be grateful beyond measure.
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If you can find a pair of 31x34's that you otherwise like, take them to a tailor to have them hemmed.
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My husband wears jeans that are a 31"x34" and buys from Seven for all Mankind and Diesel exclusively. 34" inseam is going to be close enough that you could probably get away with not needing them hemmed, but if you did really need them hemmed, places that sell those brands (Nordstrom and the like) will generally offer on-site alterations.

Gap also has this size on occasion, but you have to order them online.
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Outdoor-gear shops definitely have you covered. Their target market is active people who tend to be lean. E.g. These pants by REI.
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Nordstrom I know does tailoring, you basically buy a waist and a range of inseams, and they will get it back to wherever you want.
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Uniqlo sells 31x34 jeans and offers free in-store hemming.
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Made to measure raw selvedge jeans for less than 100 bucks.

Haven't tried them yet but heard good things.

Also, most raw denim is sold just by the waist size.
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In my experience of shopping for men's jeans, I've never seen an off-the-rack odd-numbered inseam length, online or IRL. This is mostly in department stores and clothing stores with mainstream brands - YMMV.

That said, the cut, the rise, and the way you wear them around the waist/hips can cause a lot of variation in the effective length of the jeans. I'm sure there's a correct way to wear each different cut, fashionably speaking, but if you're wearing them more casually you can get away with more flexibility. Some people hike them up as far as the rise will allow; others let them hang off the hips. So you might be OK in a 32" or 34" length depending on how you wear them.

If you're going to get anything hemmed, think about the fact that the bottom hems of traditional jeans have a very distinctive look with the contrasting thread. You might want to ask the tailor about replicating that for you.
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Gap does a 31" waist with either 32" or 34" inseam. Since all their stuff is made in random places and never fits the same from one pair to the next, just hold up a few pairs of 32" inseam and pick the one with the longest legs. It'll probably be about 33".
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Best answer: If you buy jeans on-line from Land's End, you can specify the in-seam length by 1/4" increments.
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