Help with gift for Dad
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I need help finding a Christmas gift for my dad. I'm looking for: - Something that requires occasional hands on -- a project, but not a full-time project - Something a little science-projecty and geeky, but that does not involve a computer (he's 72 and not terribly computer literate; he does have an iPad, though) - Something that has a definable end result - Something he can attend to while my folks spend three months in their RV this winter - Most likely something plant-related More...

I was thinking something along the lines of a kit that helps you hybridize vegetables (tomatoes or peppers), or maybe a kit that helps you clone orchids, or a kit that lets you graft one thing onto something else, or something like that that requires some high-level gardening skills and some engineering. (He's a retired engineer. Oh, and he's already done some tomato grafting, so I don't want to duplicate that.)

He already does tomato seedlings when they park their RV in Arizona from January-March. I'd like to find something else along those lines that he can fiddle with. Google isn't helping me, and I need some additional ideas.

I've read the archives and posts with the 'gift' tag. No one here has ever shopped for my father, apparently.
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bonsai tree?
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Cultivate mushrooms. There are companies that supply kits.
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Response by poster: The mushroom thing would be perfect -- that's the kind of thing I'm looking for -- buy my parents don't like mushrooms. :(
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Aerogarden? Indoor salad garden?
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Small-scale homebrewing is not plant-related, but otherwise fits your criteria.
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Maybe a weather station?
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Response by poster: Thanks all. He already did homebrewing (at home, not in the RV) and has a weather station. I think I'm going with the tissue culture -- that's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
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