Need name of company in Richmond Virginia
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Looking for the name of a company in Richmond, Virginia which makes electronics or radios and may or may not begin with the letter "C."

Hi, I'm looking for the name of a radio or electronics manufacturer that has a headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. It may or may not make the electronics domestically or internationally. It is for a case where an estate was robbed of a lot of money and the perpetrator has skipped the court date.

It may or may not have the slogan "I heart [Name of Company]" or "I love [Name of Company].

My google-fu has failed me completely. Any help you could give would be appreciated.
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Any of these?
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Just a shot in the dark, but maybe Central Radio Company, Inc? They're Norfolk, not Richmond, but the fact that they've been in some legal battles over the past few years might have encouraged some "I <3 CRCI" sloganeering.
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Might be in Colonial Heights, VA.
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I don't think they're headquartered there but I believe Honeywell has facilities in Colonial Heights.
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My gut also says Honeywell, but the client insists that isn't it and she brought home a boom box from there. It is not Circuit City.

Supposedly they make vaccum cleaners too. I'm stumped. The Client is not from the US.
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Very long shot, but not Crutchfield? Not exactly Richmond, but certainly nearby Virginia.
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Was this a long time ago? Best Products would have sold, but not manufactured, boom boxes and vacuums.
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I live there and work in the electronics field and am reasonably sure that there is no manufacturer based here that would fit your description. There are a few distributors of speciality radio products like Commtronics or Dominion Communications in Colonial Heights, but they don't manufacture anything. I find the notion of a local electronics firm manufacturing vacuum cleaners to be vanishingly unlikely.

I'm particularly confused by the notion that the client brought home a boom box from them. Is the suggestion that the company is both a manufacturer and a retailer who makes both vacuums and boom boxes? The odds of such a business being in Richmond and being unknown to me are essentially zero, so there is probably some confusion about the facts. It seems much more likely that it was a retail shop of some sort if she purchased the product there and that they have both products.

Manufacturing in the Colonial Heights / Hopewell area are primarily either chemical or fibers. My wife does plaintiff's employment law and her firm is the biggest in town, so she is pretty much an encyclopedia of local businesses. As you might imagine, menufacturing concerns are especially likely to encounter her. She's got nothing that fits.
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Yeah I would say Crutchfield too.
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It isn't Crutchfield. It is too far. It is in colonial heights.
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Colonial Heights is quite small (like 15,000 people) and at least five of my folks grew up here and lived their entire lives here. We're probably the biggest software firm in the tri cities and neither I nor none of my other nerds have a clue. Sorry. I sent an email around to my 75 or so employees and I'll let you know if anyone comes up with anything credible, but unless you have more useful clues, I think something is confused.
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Long shot, but what about Caragea Enterprises? They don't appear to have a web presence, but some of the information points toward them being a manufacturer and they are located in Richmond.
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We have found it. As I suspected, the client was wrong on a number of facts. Thank you everyone for your help!
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