Help me find a fix for this weird MS Outlook 2010 sent items issue?
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Recipients in my Outlook “sent items” folder, despite having the exact same email address, can have any one of 4 forms of displayed email address, which makes sorting by sender and date a real pain, as Outlook sees each recipient as entirely distinct / separate, despite them actually having the exact same address. See inside for example of what i mean...

So for example, a single person might display in any of the following forms:

Paddy Murphy
‘Paddy Murphy’ ....note the single quotes...
Paddy Murphy (

Ideally I would like to force outlook to see all these recipients as one only, so that when I sort by the Sent Column and then by Date Column, they are all listed as one group, not several.
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Instead of sorting, do a search in your sent folder for "paddy murphy" (no quotes). I deal with the same thing, though it's not an issue for me, 'cause I'm usually just searching for names and not sorting. A search will bring up all instances that you list above...and maybe a few more if "paddy murphy" is explicitly spelled out in another email or something.
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Does this article help at all?
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The search solution is a work around alright but not the fix I'm after to be honest. Its not as quick and also brings up emails mentioning that person as well as emails to that person. Ideally i would create a custom To field that displayed the email text only but don't think that's possible out of the box.
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Thanks gregjunior, that link seems to be mostly about conversation view, which i haven't played with yet... I can't access my pc right now but will play around with it tmrw. I'm not too optimistic to be honest though.

Any other ideas anyone?
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One possibility: set up a Search Folder for "items from a particular person" (or however it phrases that; I don't have Outlook at home and so can't check right now) and set the criteria for "from" to Paddy Murphy OR ‘Paddy Murphy’ OR OR Paddy Murphy (

The only good thing about Outlook is that it's not Lotus Notes.
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Thanks Lexica - i looked into the Search folder option, but i need it to work for everyone, not just paddy murphy - i have this issue with multiple recipients.
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