what are some popular resources for massage theapists and spa owners?
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i'm just finishing up my bands latest cd, who's working title is "music for spas" (we're the house band at a resort/spa in bali) i'd like to sell it outside the resort and our shows, and in order to do that i'm going to have to promote it - mainly online as our budget is limited, but i'm willing to pay for some ads here and there if i think it will help out album reach a wider audience. tropical snowflakes inside!

so, i've googled for days already, and have a list of forums and blogs i can approach. but i know google is only so accurate, and not necessarily insightful. the blog at the top of the might not really be the one everyone's actually reading. or maybe there's a yoga forum with a particularly active section for massage therapists i missed? or a really cool blog i didn't run across yet? an appropriate magazine that sits at the checkout counter of every whole foods in the world that i didn't think of? where can i (respectfully) promote our album that i havent thought of yet? where might be the best place to start out/focus on, out of my very long list of websites?

we play traditional indonesian music, mixed with chilled electronica influenced by brain eno and bon iver, with hints of martin denny and other retro tropical sounds as well (no nature sounds though, i promise!)
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[Link to CD removed - put it in your profile if you want people to look at it.]
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done - apologies, i checked the guidelines before posting and i didn't see anything about not including links of that nature. for the record that wasn't a link to a cd for sale (it hasn't been released yet) it's a pre-release sampler, and free to listen to.
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Basically you want to do a search for "spa trade magazine" and "massage therapist trade magazine" and then start narrowing your target markets by geographic reach.
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Run an ad in the Bali Advertiser? I mean, Bali has more spas per square meter than any other country.
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After you pick your target market, then it's time to send out a press release. Include a high resolution JPG of the CD showing the cover art. Explain who you are (your qualifications and your experience in the spa industry), where you are located, why the music is perfect for spas, and how people can obtain copies of the CD. If you want to include a link to sample tracks, please do.

The reason you want to do this is trade magazines typically feature a new products section, and your goal is to get your CD listed in that section. Note, this is not an ad, so if you can put together a basic press release on your own, it shouldn't cost you any money. Of course, there is no guarantee your release will be picked up and used, but if you've got some time to spend on your marketing campaign, it's worth a shot.
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