Where to buy Borges' translation of Whitman's Blades of Grass
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Help me find a copy of Jorge Luis Borges translation of Whitman's Blades of Grass that I can buy. Bilingual edition a plus, but not a deal breaker.

I have exhausted my Google Foo and I can not find a single copy for sale, and in two occasions what the seller listed as a Borges translations turned out to be the inferior León Felipe or Armando Vasseur translations.

I would also appreciate if anyone could show me a way to get it from the public library. I live in San Francisco, and when I asked the librarian at my closest branch he ended up getting me the Vasseur translation.

There is some contradictory information on the web, this is the best bibliographical information I could come up with:

- WHITMAN, Walt. Hojas de hierba. Edición bilingüe. Traducción y prólogo de Jorge Luis Borges. Barcelona, Editorial Lumen, 1991.

Given that Borges dies in the 80s, I believe there must be earlier editions.
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Here's some ABE listings. Somewhat pricey.

Here's the listing from Amazon, but obviously not in stock. Might have some additional info for you.

It's probably not too much of a hangup, since you're probably better off searching for the book in Spanish anyway, but the English title is "Leaves of Grass", not "Blades". Given the context of the rest of your searching, that's probably not limiting what you find.
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This may be it,
but the shipping cost is absurd.
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Looking at the San Francisco Public Library website, it looks like you can request the edition you are talking about through their Link+ program. You can also search WorldCat through their website to see all libraries that have it worldwide; looks like there are 45.
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Well, I found a copy of the bilingual edition for sale...for $160.
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Oh yeah, leaves of grass. I did use 'leaves' when I was looking for the book, according to my google search history.

I just ordered a good condition one from LionIndex's link, which goes to the same site as kewb's link.

Could you tell me how you found them? I tried everything I could think and still failed.

This book, and beans with cotija cheese, are the last things my father asked for before he died. I get the beans, but I want to know why he liked this book so much.
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Scribd has an e-copy. http://www.scribd.com/doc/88194570/Whitman-Hojas-de-Hierba-Leaves-of-Grass-trad-Borges-OCR-ClScn
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I just knew about ABE beforehand, because one of my old bosses was a book collector, so it wasn't something I had to go out and find. I don't know if I could have been any help at all without already having that knowledge.
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