Drive w/encrypted partition will not mount w/Ubuntu
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I have a portable drive w/an encrypted partition that I cannot get to mount on a laptop running Ubuntu 12.04. It is not visible to Disk Utility, either. Can anyone walk me through accessing its contents?
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who/what encrypted it and with what software/technique ? I assume you have the key or password/phrase to open it ?
posted by k5.user at 1:55 PM on December 16, 2013

Response by poster: I encrypted it using Ubuntu (I can be more specific, if need be). I have the password.
posted by ryanshepard at 5:01 PM on December 16, 2013

the more information, the better.

Did you encrypt the whole drive, a partition on the drive, a file in the native filesysetm on the drive, etc.

Did the drive get dropped, damaged, banged around, static shock ?
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Yeah, need more info. When making this encrypted drive, did you use the generic Ubuntu installer and select that you wanted your home directory encrypted? Did you set up an LVM encrypted container? Is it a drive that is encrypted through another tool like TrueCrypt? Is it a drive that is encrypted through the driver manufacturer's tools?
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