Best app for finding concerts?
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I'm looking for the best way to be notified when my favorite music acts are playing near me. What is your favorite app or site to do this?

What is the best iPhone app or site to find out about upcoming shows for artists you like? I want an app that lets me plug in my favorite artists and which then notifies me when they announce a tourdate near me. I don't want to be spammed with lists of upcoming shows for artists I haven't pre-selected. Someone mentioned Songkick but said that there were some issues with it (there wasn't time to go into further details) - is it any good?

If it matters, the artists we're looking for are established, though they range in popularity and aren't necessarily huge acts - examples include Sia, Florence + the Machine, One Eskimo, Amos Lee, Ane Brun, Imogen Heap, Kate Havnevik, Ghost Towns, Snow Patrol to name a few...

Appreciate your help!
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I use SongKick.
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I've been super-happy with SonicLiving.
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I use the Songkick website but I've never used the app so I can't say whether the app has specific problems? The website has worked great for me. Just last week it notified me of a show that hadn't even been posted to the band's website yet.
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Nthing Songkick.
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+1 for songkick
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SongKick is better than Bandsintown because last I checked, Bandsintown makes you pick one geographic area. Songkick lets you add multiple ares, so if you live in Connecticut for example, you can pick New Haven, New York and Boston and get notified for all three.

You an track specific artists in Songkick (and Bandsintown for that matter). In addition, they'll both pull from if you use it.
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I've used Jambase for years and it's never let me down
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My favorite is tourfilter.
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Thanks everyone! I will give Songkick a try. cnc, your answer was particularly helpful since I do live in CT...
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