What are some good NYC restaurants open Christmas Day?
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NYC-ers: Where have you eaten dinner on Christmas Day that's awesome? Caveats: $30/person max, coming from UWS and we have a show in the Hell's Kitchen area (50th and 8th) at 8pm...

...So hoofing it downtown and then back up would be kind of a pain. Preferable hoods: UWS, Lincoln Center-Columbus Circle areas, Hells Kitchen, maybe Midtown West. There are a few "Open on Christmas!" lists online from last year but didn't know if anyone had their own personal favorite/under the radar spots. Not looking for anything fancy (no pre fixe menus please).
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If you can get into Sambuca (72nd and CPW), that would be my suggestion. It looks like Churrascaria Plataforma is also open that night, which is outrageously good, provided that you aren't vegetarian.
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Serious Eats just dealt with this: here's a very comprehensive list: http://newyork.seriouseats.com/2013/12/where-to-eat-christmas-eve-day.html

From the stuff on their list, I haven't been to Rosa Mexicano for Christmas but I have other times and it is quite tasty! It's really near the theater district though a little over your $30 max. Fatty Cue/Crab are also good.

Me, I'd probably just walk up 9th Avenue until I found someplace open; I bet a lot of the Thai restaurants in the neighborhood are, for instance. I also love Empanada Mama, not sure if they are open then but you could call to check. http://www.empmamanyc.com/
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Indian restaurants will be open.
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You can also check Open Table for what's in your price range and chosen location.
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Call and make a reservation for Szechuan Gourmet (242 W. 56th. Street near 8th Avenue). Avoid the Americanized-Chinese dishes and get only the authentic ones. My favorites there:

1. Szechuan Pork Dumpling* with roasted chili soy
2. Dan Dan Noodles * with chili minced pork
16. Ox Tongue & Tripe** with roasted chili-peanut vinaigrette
19. Sliced Pork Belly* with chilli-garlic soy
28. Spicy Cucumber Salad*
82. Crispy Lamb Filets * with chili cumin
118. Chef's Ma Paul Tofu *** with chili minced pork
122. Camphor Tea Smoked Duck (Half)

It's also worth a call to see if Ippudo, Totto Ramen, or Pure Thai will be opening. Looking from their web site, looks like Danji won't be.
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Actually called Ippudo West and Pure Thai - unfortunately not open. Totto will be, but I don't know if a massive wait is worth risking when we have to be somewhere at around 7:45pm. Would ideally like to get somewhere at 6 and be out by 7:30.

Opentable is a good idea. Also found a few Indian places that are open. Really surprised by how many Thai and Japanese places are closed.
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From my experience having sort of half-jewish, half-atheist families surrounding me, Chinese is the go-to, Indian is a good bet, and I'm pretty sure we did Ethiopian one year though that was in DC. The Lincoln Center chinese place I can think of is prob overpriced and definitely will get booked up...
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Many Ethiopians are Christian.
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