Good train set for a 5-yr old?
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Thanks for any advance help here, but want a train set that you can control via some type of remote instead of letting the train run after you turn it on. Thoughts?
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Rokenbok has a monorail that is like this.

Lego trains are also remote controlled.
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The Thomas the Tank Engine Trackmaster pieces are another option. The Thomas stuff can run a little expensive, but the tracks are compatible with the Tomy Tomica track pieces (or at least they used to be) and sometimes you can find someone on eBay or Craigslist unloading extra stuff.

There's also Fisher/Price GeoTrax, that system is a little more friendly to the 4-5 year-old crowd IMO and a little more creative than the Thomas stuff.

Both systems use infrared remote controls and are easy to use. All this stuff will be expensive, so be prepared.
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seconding GeoTrax
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Response by poster: Thanks so far....much better than amazon was giving in search results.
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My kids love the GeoTrax trains. The remotes make the train go forward, go backward, or stop.
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