Shipping my Purolator..."received by Barry"?
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I bought something online on November 30th, and just realized that I haven't received the package yet. It turns out the company shipped by Purolator. In my tracking history it says that shipment was delivered. It was picked up by "Barry" at "shipping dock" on Dec. 13, and that it has arrived at the sorting facility at Purolator International YYZ. I don't know Purolator at all...does that mean it's returned? I am really confused. I've received one phone call that sounds very scammy and told me to go pick up my "freight" in Etioboke (I live in downtown Toronto)...and otherwise no other information about the package. WTH is going on?
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It sounds like there may be some customs brokerage issue. Possibly, it was delivered to a customs broker. I have had this happen to me before - it depends on the service paid for on the other end.

The only way to find out for sure is to call Purolator.
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I would contact Purolator with your tracking number.
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Most courier sorting facilities are on the outskirts of most cities, and if you missed the delivery or if they never tried to deliver it in the first place (e.g., if there's still duty to pay), then you'll have to go out to get it. It's a pain. In some cases, you can ask them to send it to a more local pickup location (e.g., a retail outlet, if they have them) to save you the trek.
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One of the couriers (maybe Purolator) has a depot in the arse end of New Toronto/Mimico. Took me ages to find it, and there's no transit.
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Purolator's Shipping Centre is in Etobicoke (and there is a bus that gets to it) - I would call them and see if it's still there.

I find their customer service really varies depending who you get, so it's quite possible that your 'scammy' phone call was really them.
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