Help shopping for camisoles
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I need help finding a good camisole. I am a b-cup, 5'8", size 12, 37yo American woman. I am looking for a camisole that can replace a bra, has skinny straps, and doesn't make me feel like a sausage. Nothing too girlie or sexy.
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This won't be of any use if you need a good camisole right now (the line seems to be out of season, replaced by wintery Heattech offerings), but uniqlo's AIRism line--specifically the sleeveless tops with moulded cups--is perfect for this. Check it out once retailers start moving in warm-weather stock.
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I've tried on the ones at Victoria's Secret and they are nice, but REALLY expensive (like $40-$50 each). If you're not interested in spending that much, I've also been happy with the shelf bra camis at Gap, Express, and (honestly) Old Navy. The ON ones in particular run comfortably loose. I'm about your size, FWIW.

The Express ones are on sale. I can't find the ON ones on their website, so maybe they don't carry them at the moment.
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I have a pretty enormous selection of those Express tanks. They are almost always on sale and they come (or at least used to?) in long, which is great for those of us taller ladies who hate repeatedly having to tug down our shirts.
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Hmm, I don't see the long one on the website. Sad day. The regular is still good though.
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I live in my Costco store brand camisoles. Very comfy, very supportive, not low-cut.
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Ditto the Costco brand camisoles--I've been buying them since I was a teenager and actually, have not tossed a single one yet (I'm 29). They're going for 10USD a pop now.
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Unfortunately, Uniqlo bra tops are not very long. I am 5"6 and they are a bit short for me.
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