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Has anyone found a reliable source for Lego Technic Power Functions builds?

My son is really into legos and power functions this year. We've bought a bunch of the motors and receivers. We'd like to get him the Technic Excavator and motorize it like this. There are various build videos on youtube but none provide much detail. An engineer I am not! I need step-by-step instructions!
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Here you go.
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Thanks, Brent. Those instructions are for the out of the box excavator without the Power Function (i.e, motor) modifications.
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jeffmac, I've been through this process with Mindstorms but not with Technic or power functions, so I think I can at least give you some google advice. To weed out websites that aim to provide replacements for lost kit instructions, include "MOC" in your search terms, for "My Own Creation." I got some hits with both "technic MOC instructions" and "power functions MOC instructions" including some blogs and youtube video instructions.

Once you find your way into a couple of blogs or websites where people upload and share these kinds of things, they'll connect you to more. If it's like the on-line community for general Lego building and for Mindstorms, there will be a sort-of closed circle of people who link to each other. I have found that Lego bloggers and authors are often really happy to answer questions from amateurs like me, so if you find someone who has a few of these things on their website, asking them where you can find more can be a good way to go.

There are a few books at Amazon on using Technics and/or power functions. I couldn't tell from descriptions if any of them were exactly what you're looking for, but you might get some ideas.

Sorry I don't have specific ideas. I think my kid would like power functions but we haven't gotten into them yet.
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And, sorry, I see you mentioned youtube in your question.
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Well this is the question that caused me to pony up and pay the $5 to register. Here are a few links to get you started. There's a certain international flavour to this I think you'll enjoy:

(Poland) Start with the work by Sariel at his website: Sariel's website. He is an acknowledged master of Technic building and has published the go-to book for help on building with Lego Technic: Unofficial Lego Technic Builder's Guide

(Netherlands) Next I'd recommend Jurgen's Technic Corner: Jurgen's Technic Corner. He has a number of building instructions available.

(France) A great resource is Nico's website with instructions here Nico71. I've built many of his models (or used them as springboards for my own work) and they are rock-solid.

Brickshelf is a great free resource with galleries of models. I'd recommend starting with Erik Leppen's brickshelf gallery. Then do a gallery search for "trial truck" or "4 wheel drive truck".

(Spain) Sheepo is famous for his Bugatti Veyron model (7-speed sequential gearbox, disk brakes!) He has published instructions for a modular way of building super cars so that everyone can start working in this field. Check out Sheepo's Modular Platform System

(Japan) Yoshito Isogawa-san produces some of the most beautiful and delicate work in Lego I've ever seen. He has published an amazing idea book of little studies in building techniques called the Tora no maki. No matter how many years you have been working in Lego Technic this book will be by your side.

Finally keep up to date at the Technic Bricks website where they review sets, discuss upcoming models, preview new Technic parts and generally geek out on Lego Technic.

Play well!
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