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I have a bartender friend for whom I would really, really like to get a Married to the Sea "It's Motherfucking Booze Time" shirt (from this comic.) Where oh where do I get one now that their merch site is closed?

Seriously. Does anyone have one they'd be willing to part with? Any size from men's S (which he could wear) to L (which he prefers) would work. Google does not help me. Failing that, is there any way I could (with proper permission blah blah blah of course) make one myself?

I have one myself, but it's a women's small and I am in no way willing to give it up. Ideas?
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Why don't you just put that image on a thumbdrive and go to the nearest custom t-shirt printer?
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Best answer: Well, the About page does say:
TFD/ND/MTTS or any derivatives of such, including text from the comics or redrawn/altered versions of the comics themselves, may not be imprinted on any merchandise available for sale, including but not limited to t-shirts, buttons, stickers, coffee mugs, guns/ammunition, motorized vehicles, food/food products, or living animals without the explicit written permission of Drew & Natalie Dee.
So I say e-mail them, get that explicit written permission, and print up a nice new shirt for your friend.
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Best answer: Under the terms of that notice, as I read it, permission is not needed unless the shirt is offered for sale (which is not the same as having it put on a shirt for non-commercial personal use). The issue is more one of getting the graphic in good resolution for printing.
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Best answer: Natalie Dee and Drew might have some extras lying around, too, if you ask nice.
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Best answer: You could take it to a custom t-shirt company, but if they suspect that it is copyright by another artist (i.e. not you), they will refuse to print it.

It's black line art, though, so you might have success with a DIY t-shirt. You can get iron-transfer printer paper at office supply and craft stores. Print it yourself, iron it on a white t-shirt, wrap it, and gift it.
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