Seeking style blogs by and for trans women
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I am looking for style blogs by and for trans women — either single-contributor "here's what I wore today" blogs or tumblr/pinterest-type aggregators. Details within.

Here are some things I would really like to see in a website:
  1. A site that mostly features pictures of ordinary trans women showing off outfits they wear in their everyday life.
  2. An emphasis on casual, practical styles.
  3. An emphasis on style as a fun form of self-expression, rather than a way to "conceal" your physical "flaws."
  4. A basically confident and not-furtive attitude: more "Here's what I wore to school today and it was awesome," less "Here's a picture with my face blurred out that I took in a hotel bathroom mirror."
(A lot of the FTM/transmasculine style blogs linked here are great examples of the sort of attitude I'm looking for, only with the genders reversed.)

Here are some things that I am definitely not at all interested in:
  1. Porn/fetish/"trap" websites.
  2. Websites maintained by "admirers" of trans women.
  3. Lists of tips for passing.
  4. Do-I-pass-or-not boards or criticize-my-appearance boards like /r/transpassing.
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Are you also interested in blogs by other AMAB folk rocking the lady look without necessarily identifying as trans? Or trans ladies only?
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Definitely interested. Especially if they really are rocking the lady look (great phrase!) and not just doing the menswear-model-with-a-bit-of-makeup thing.
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Oh, tee hee, I'm the one who posted the FTM/transmasculine question you linked. I wish I had more answers for you, but Mey is a writer for Autostraddle who describes herself as a "selfie princess." Here is the "me" tag on her Tumblr. Too adorable for words, right?
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Kiam is a local (to me) genderqueer performing artist that blends wigs, facial hair, and immaculate eyemakeup for beautiful club lqqks.
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Here is an article about trans*/queer selfies that you'd likely be interested in, lots of names to google and places to look.
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This dude is an inspiration to anyone who likes wearing a frock and is not traditionally lady shaped, although most of his looks are decidedly not casual, and seriously how big is his wardrobe???

This person has an idiosyncratic "lady casual" look that I wish I could carry off myself.

Ditto this person.
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Neenah Claire, 19 year old Portland self-proclaimed it girl and owner of cute purple hair. Frequently NSFW.
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