Help me pick an inexpensive standing desk seat
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I moved from an Aeron knock off that was beautiful and comfortable to a adjustable bar stool when I realized over time, the chair was the source of terrible back pain. So now I want to get a seat that is more ergonomic but I can't make up my mind. I want to sit erect. I want a place to put my feet if I choose. I want it to adjust up to at least 32 inches. I want the seat angle to be adjustable. All of these do that but I want to make the best decision. Here are my choices: 1, 2, 3. I've narrowed the selection down to these three. They are in my price range and aren't too ugly. I spend a lot of time at my PC and on the phone but I don't want my back to hurt anymore.
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So what's the question? What are you waivering on between these?
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I've used all three sorts of chairs you show, and the first one is the only one that didn't make me miserable.

In particular I didn't like the third one - it's more of a 'perching stool' than anything.

I found the first one encouraged the best posture, and was the one I was happiest with.
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I didn't spend too much time looking for you, but don't forget about tall drafting stools/chairs.
Example (Maybe your back would like a chair and not a bar stool.) Standard seat and back with arms with foot rest. Height to 34" and seat back angle is adjustable.

Or this tractor stool one...

Just keep looking, good luck!
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This is not exactly what you're looking for but I love these so much I have to share. We've had these stools in our shop since 2008 (I'm sitting in one right now). They are very comfortable and durable; we liked them so much we also bought the chair to use at our desk.
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Are you certain you want a backless stool? I find that they are only comfortable for relatively short periods before my back screams for something supportive to rest against; if you spend a lot of time at the puter and answering phones, you might want to consider the products linked to by Leenie and workerant above.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the feedback. The comments really help.
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