RC Cars/Trucks for the yard
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I need recommendations for remote control trucks that will work in the yard.

I need two RC trucks/dune buggies/cars capable of outdoor use. They have to be able to flip and go again. 30-45 minute run time on a charge would be awesome. I would prefer different paint jobs but if all I can get is two of the same, then so be it. I'd like to stay under $75 each. Amazon availability is a plus.

We've see the New Bright brand locally, but they just look cheap and flimsy. My yard is pretty uneven although it looks flat. My boys are 11 and 7 and should have no problems with a full function remote.
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Hmmm I haven't run r/c in a long while, but I remember the motor and rechargeable sub-c batteries alone would cost more than 75.... a battery charger that properly recharges cells costs a fair bit too. And that's for regular brushed stuff.
Brushless motors would cost more, but more grunt and longer run times. I left the hobby just as brushless was coming into vogue. There's newer li-poly batteries but I have no experience with them.

if you are going to run nitro, a good strong engine is going to cost a fair bit more than that, and you will need support equipment (starter box, plug etc).

If you can find a car at that price, make sure you can find spares for the vehicles. My friends who run offroad trucks seem to favour traxxas and tamiya.
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