Coolest sound toys for young children?
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My 1-year old niece was entranced by my bluetooth speaker last time I visited. What are some cool sound toys for kids?

I know there's lots of neat sound apps for tablets but 1. the fam isn't big on screen time and 2. real-world objects are so much cooler. What's the state of the art for cool sound toys for kids?

Some ideas I had that I want to exist:

1. Portable speaker that you can load with a few songs. Big fun buttons to push to play the songs. Like a Buddha Machine for kids?

1a. Better: load with loops and buttons toggle loops on/off.

2. 6 buttons on a box keyed to the pentatonic scale. Another button that switches the key.

I'm open to any ideas y'all might have!
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Please be careful buying noisy toys for little kids. As the father of a two-year-old, it drives parents nuts listening to the same sound effect 173 times in a row, or even the same song over and over and over and over...
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I am sure you have seen this FPP
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I got a fake plastic "iPod" for a one-year-old's birthday that played nursery rhymes sung by groups of British children, and I'm not sure his parents have forgiven me yet.

Seconding "be cautious."
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The FPP is about the new Korg littlebits synth kit, which looks pretty cool- though beyond a 1 year old.
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Response by poster: Oooh yeah, should have probably said: I'm very skeptical of toys that make sounds! I'm looking for things that have more to them than the standard noise making trains and tools and squeaky barnyard animals etc etc.

And of course have an off switch, which way too many noise toys do not have. Ridic.

And yes, I've seen littleBits. So cool! If they made that 10x simpler we would be in the ballpark.
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My dad bought my daughter a ukulele for Christmas this year, and I sort of feel like that will be 1) a lot less annoying than most of the electronic toys, and 2) more educational/"hands-on" than just button-pushing toys. A ukulele is probably too advanced for a 1-year-old (and maybe for a 2-year-old, honestly), but other musical instruments and "analog" sorts of toys might be good options, too.
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Best answer: We find the Mozart Cube pretty tolerable to listen too. For instruments, I've been coveting these fruit and vegetable shakers (you don't have to buy all 36) for a while. There's also Melissa and Doug's Band in a Box.

I recently did some Google searches for electronic toys with buttons that make inoffensive noises and came up empty handed, so I'll be watching this ask.
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Best answer: Seconding the Mozart Magic Cube. My kids loved it at that age and older.
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Not hi-tech at all, but my 15 month old enjoys her toddler band. We can each grab an instrument and jam with her, which is nice.
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Best answer: I haven't actually seen this in person yet, but it is on my Christmas list for a music-loving kiddo in my life, and I am excited because it seems SO COOL. Basically I want it but I'd feel weird buying a toy for myself...

It's called Symphony in B (video) and you can get it at Amazon ($60) or Target ($40).
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The ukelele rec reminded me: when I was very young we had a toy grand piano in the house. Maybe ukelele-sized or smaller. I played the HELL out of that thing - it sounded kinda like a tinny version of the real deal and was lots of fun.

We also had an organ in the house and I probably spent a fair bit of time on there too as a tot.
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Response by poster: Hey thanks everybody! Some great suggestions. I picked up the Mozart Cube and definitely going to check out the Symphony in B, too.
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