Color-coding caramels
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Where can I find colored or decorated wax paper for wrapping homemade candies? Alternate wrapping media accepted.

I'm hoping for a source in the Boston area so I can pick it up this weekend, but online sources are welcome as well. (I'm already color-coding the different flavors by using sanding sugar on top, but it'd be nice to know what flavor you're getting before unwrapping the individual candy.)
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Michael's or Hobby Lobby should have food safe cellophane (in their gift basket section) which could be wrapped around normal old wax paper if colored wax paper is too tall an order.
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Similarly, you could wrap colorful tissue paper around a plain wax paper interior, but food-grade or food-safe tissue paper would also work very well, and you can often find boxes of it at craft stores like JoAnn Fabrics and the aforementioned Michaels. Here are some online options: Bags & Bows, Nashville Wraps, Fancy Flours.

There are also candy foils: KitchenKrafts, SugarCraft, The Baker's Kitchen.

And there's lots of creative and colorful wax paper on Etsy. If you're feeling really ambitious, you could even custom-make your own wax paper.

But if you, like me, would prefer to go about this with only the barest minimum expenditure of effort, I would recommend just picking up a set of rainbow Sharpies and dotting or striping each pre-cut wax paper wrapper square with your desired colors. You could also use tiny dot or (my favorite) foil star stickers.
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I would give Party Favors in Brookline a call or visit. They have a pretty good selection of confectionery-wrapping materials for retail sale, although this isn't something I've specifically looked for.
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Can you tie the ends with different color bakers string?
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The Container Store has food-safe waxed tissue paper in a few patterns.
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Many years I've wrapped fudge (using world's best recipe to make it) by putting each individual piece in a little square of regular cling wrap and tying it with a ribbon bow, using one to three strands of curling ribbon, then curling the ends. It looks hugely festive.
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Use some washi tape!
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