Trouble installing Airport Extreme card
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I install my new AirportExtreme card, but then my computer won't turn on. What is going on?

I'm on an iBook running OS 10.3.9. I just bought an Airport Extreme Card, and tried installing it myself last night, but once I did, my computer wouldn't turn on. I press the button and- nothing. I press all the key variations that are supposed to force it to turn on (suggested by AppleCare via phone) and- nothing. Meanwhile, the computer got hot (hotter than when it's on), and stayed hot (I came home from work and it was hot). When I took the card out, the computer turned on fine. What is the problem? Has this happened to anyone else?
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Check the connector on the card and the computer for any debris or defects.
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Yeah, it happens. If the Airport card is loose, the computer will hang or kernel panic on boot. Make sure it is connected securely.
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I'm not exactly sure how you'd do it, but can you disable the airport card from a "good boot?" Try rebooting after changing the features with the card in. If everything boots cool, I'd try fool around a bit and see if re-enabling the airport card, causes your machine to lock up in some way. You say it gets hot... when it's sleeping? You came home from work, did you leave it on and it didn't go to screensaver, etc. Just some things to think about; When I put an airport card in my pismo, I didn't seat the proc card properly and it wouldn't boot at all. After applying more pressure, no problem. Oh, I see the install is straight forward on the ibook. Bonne Chance!
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Response by poster: You say it gets hot... when it's sleeping?

No, it was off- the Airport Card was installed, but the computer was off. It totally freaked me out, but the computer seems to be working now that I've taken the card out....
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You may have just not seated the card fully...the card could be bad.

Try it again, it should be flush.
If you then go to start it back up, make sure you pull the battery before removing it.

It could be hot because it could have been "on" but not able to boot. Since it was on, it couldn't turn on it's fan.
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Best answer: TPS, if you're using a G3 iBook, you can't use an AirPort Extreme card. You'll have to track down a regular old AirPort card, which Apple no longer sells. They're running anywhere from $100-$170 on eBay and the various old Mac parts web sites, from what I've seen.
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Response by poster: Yea, turns out my older iBook doesn't support the Extreme Card. I returned it and got a full refund (thanks, Apple- didn't even charge me for shipping or anything!)
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