Do you know of any weird music/sound creation programs??
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i've been scouring the web for free and weird sound generators, sequencers etc... i've found a few interesting things, and i know others exist. i will sample a few i've found below, can you share any you might've found? i would like to use this stuff for ambient/electronica music i create. :D looking for experimental and new ways of creating digital music. highc synth zone tune toys preferably for windows... :D
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I see the Windows preferred note, but if you are open to Linux check out the rabbit hole that is DIN.
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M makes weird patterns you can feed into a soft synth of choice. Could probably wire up Max/MSP to do similar work.
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I haven't used it in years but Buzz might be what you're looking for
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Bfxr (previously) is a web-based tool that let's you randomly generate certain classes of 8-bit bleep-bloop sound effects (powerup, explosion, laser blast, etc.), tweak their parameters, and even mutate them step by step. There's also a downloadable version.
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Audiomulch is pretty cool. It's not free, but it's not outlandishly expensive.
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thanks all! i'll look into these a little bit more! perhaps i'll update this post with any new stuff i find too!
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