Cheapest site for photo or art mugs?
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I have some artwork that I want to put on coffee mugs for friends. Though I see a few DIY sites, I am not sure what resin to use to hold up in microwave so would like your recommendations on commercial sites. I may eventually do bulk orders if I decide to sell so if you have any recommendations that would be different for bulk orders, I am game for those suggestions as well. Vistaprint was around $20-25 after all was said and done. Thanks, and enjoy your weekend.
posted by snap_dragon to Shopping (9 answers total) 2 users marked this as a favorite enables you to create your own personalized mugs.
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Yeah, check too
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I know you already looked at Vistaprint, but if you can catch them during one of their 50% sales (which happen very frequently- I swear I get a "Huge semi-annual sale!" email from them every two weeks) or find the right coupon code, you should be able to get them down to around $7 per mug (one-sided design, small quantities) plus shipping.
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I bought some Vistaprint mugs with a PDF logo. The quality of the rendered art was so-so — I was expecting better results, having given them vector artwork. You get what you pay for, I guess. I might try a different vendor next time, even if it costs more. Definitely consider getting a small batch from a vendor before outlaying for a bulk purchase.
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Snapfish mugs are $10.99 and they frequently have 30-50 percent off coupons.
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Quantity? What type of artwork is the file (photo, vector, etc.)?
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I order bulk mugs/glasses for my business often. We give out lots of promotional mugs/glasses. We have done orders as big as 500 mugs and as small as 24 glasses.

I think is VERY hard to beat. I have tried lots of different places, and that website has the best quality / price mix. They have lots of options too: coffee mugs, beer steins, pint glasses, and more.
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I made custom mugs on Shutterfly and gave them as gifts 2 years ago. They are used almost daily and go through the dishwasher and microwave. Other than one that broke, all of them have held up and are not noticeably faded or worn. Look for coupon codes to save extra money.
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My niece and nephew have been sending me links to their art on where I can choose from any number of different items (mugs, shirts, bookmarks, cell phone covers, etc) with their designs on them. Mugs are on sale for 9.95 each right now.
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