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Is there an alternative to Movable Type that is a decent open source publishing blog platform that can be fully programmed to be graphically modified and inserted into a custom website?

As with this question, a friend has a site that has an embedded Movable Type blog that I set up on a page of her personal website for her years ago. She hasn't used the blog frequently, and when she tried to login last week, the login link didn't work. I did some research and it seems that the company has rebranded MT as a "content management system" requiring $$, and ended the open source publishing, which it seems is what led to the inactive login to the previous version on her blog (MT 3.3).

I'd like to learn of other options to MT, since the $595 minimum for its use is significantly over the top. The most important aspect would be low- or no-cost blogging software that can be inserted into a single page of an otherwise static-content site. Professional experience would be much appreciated.
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I believe Joomla might the answer to your questions. It is completely free and open source CMS. It also has several 1000 free (and extremely low cost) add ons to make it customisable.

In the past, for special projects etx., we have used Jooma with good success. It is very easy to install and manage, and if you need/want to get under the hood and customise a bespoke solution or add functionality via the existing addon library, no big deal.
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oh and yes, you would be able to insert a single page into another site.
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Wordpress would be my recommendation.
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That is a bummer. is definitely the way to go. i am sure you can export your MT site and move it over without much hassle. Wordpress has been leagues ahead of MT for a number of years now, so much so that it has destroyed all competition in the freely available blog platform software. This, ironically enough, is probably the reason that MT has decided to begin charging users. A shame.
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Thirding WordPress.

You will have a huge variety of themes to choose from - suggest you check out Weaver as it is highly customizable from the back end.
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