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So, should I be glad that I got a seniors' discount at a theater and take the discount, or say indignantly, 'hey, I'm 50, and I'm paying full price', or is this a gimme by the kid at the cash register?

...because either I pass for 65 (except for graying hair, nah), or I should maybe split the difference with the cashier, or just say screw it and spend it on snacks?
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They charged me for my 2 year old at full price last month ("2 and younger are free" says the sign). So, karmically, you should be Ok.
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Senior discounts are just as likely to kick in at 55 as at 65, at least according to googlefight, so it may not be as much of an insult as you feel it is.

Relax and enjoy the show, but don't forget that when it's over, you are 2 hours closer to your impending death.
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Some discounts are given to people as young as 50. My father (as if that doesn't make you feel a little older!) gets discounts all the time, and he's barely 48 years old. I say take the discount, you're getting in a lot cheaper than all the other kids out there.
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The answer depends on your own inner integrity.
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Response by poster: The theaters this happened at (two so far) had 65 as the posted senior age. I was more wondering if I should throw the kid a couple of bucks because it feels like a gimme. I assume that anyone who felt they'd earned the right would be all in their face with, "here's my AARP card, squirt!"
ulotrichous, you can for.GET about having any of my snacks. Hmpf!
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Dude, when I worked at a restaurant that I hated, I gave people the senior discount all the fucking time even when they didn't look old enough. If he cares about his job as much as I cared about mine, your answer is "gimme."
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Maybe the clerk just likes you, or wants to stick it to their boss. The friendly kids at the local bagel shop sometimes punch the "senior discount" button when ringing up my orders, and I still look young enough to get carded at restaurants every now and then.
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For Better or For Worse strip on exactly this problem.
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I work at a store that offers a senior discount. They don't have any sort of card or sign up to have people 'prove' they're 60 or older. We're supposed to just know when they're 60 or older. I feel like I'm calling people old when I give it to them.

"Excuse me, ma'am... you appear to be old. Would you like 10% off?" or "Sir, here's 10% off so you don't have to eat catfood!"

The kid at the theater may have been told to give the discount to anyone that appears to fit the criteria.
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Heh, sorry, I couldn't resist. Do they really sell Idaho Spuds at the theater?

One far less flip point to add is that kids (and especially bored teenagers) can be astonishingly bad judges of age... 40-60 can be one category in their eyes. I think it's much less likely that he's intentionally deciding to fudge the discount for strangers than that he simply could not care less and hits the button for anyone with graying hair.

There's a slightly wizened regular, Arthur, at a cafe we go to, who likes to chat up little kids. Arthur obviously gets a kick out of asking kids how old they are, and then asking them how old they think he is, and he's predictably delighted when the guess that he's 9 or 20, etc. Our son guessed 100. A deflated Arthur said, 'Ha, ha. I'm 61.'
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I'm still cheating on the other end... I'm 25 and was charged the 10-14 price at the county fair a couple of weeks ago. I figure if they think I'm 14, I'll take my discount and run with it.
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Thanks Pocams. I've not seen the strip for quite awhile. Always a favorite.
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Response by poster: Thank you all. And my theater doesn't serve Owyhee Butter Toffee, Idaho Spud Bars, Old Faithfuls or Cherry Cocktails. I couldn't resist the link. Well, I really didn't try to, actually...
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