Superman toys for a four-year-old
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Ayo- My four-year-old niece thinks Superman is pretty bitchin', and I'm thinking about maybe getting her Superman-related toys for Xmas. Are there any good Superman toys for someone her age that might be educational? Failing Educational, what about Superman toys that are just rad beyond belief?
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Costumes are pretty great. If you can find a Superman costume that isn't all screwed up with dumb fake abdominal muscles, that would be amazing. My girls had my cousin's handmedown Superman costume and they wore the shit out of it. Sometimes they felt like exploring their feminine side and wearing it with a tutu or while carrying a SuperBaby and that's why having it be kind of gender neutral is nice.

It's educational 'cause pretend play is educational, and super important at that age.
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A great suggestion, but she already has one from Halloween!
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My three and a half year old son loves his Superman t-shirt with cape.
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Target had an old-style metal superman lunchbox earlier this year, which my 5yo loves to put stuff in and cart around the house. Also, he received a Superman sweater as a birthday gift, and he has almost literally not taken it off since October.
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In terms of action figues, at that age I'd probably recommend imaginex. To my knowledge there is only one Superman playset. The big challenge with Superman is that he's pretty self sufficient. He doesn't need those wonderful toys that Batman does.

I'd caution against legos just yet, the boxes will generally indicate an age range and even if your niece has the fine motor to manipulate the blocks, she may have a tough time with the attention span...

I'd also say, thinkgeek has a superman hoodie for 4 year olds currently on sale for $19.99
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You could just blow it up. Or blast into action.

I'm not sure anything beyond Cuisenaire Rods is educational for a kid that age (my dad brought them home because he was a teacher). We used to get great fun by just flinging stuff up into the air (those toys with parachutes). That and blowing glue balloons out of tiny straws, which was probably not all that healthy.
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There's a whole series of inexpensive Superman books for young kids. Here's one on Amazon and you can click through to see others.
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This Imaginext Superman playset encourages creative play, so that counts as educational when you're four, right?

Well, if it doesn't, Imaginext playsets are still cool and fun! My son had a bunch and loved them and so did I. We had pirates and Robin Hood and castles and dinosaurs, which made for some epic battles. I was sad when he decided he'd outgrown them, because we had so much fun playing with them together!
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Oh, and there's this Imaginext Superman exoskeleton play set, too, which is weird but intriguing.
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What's all this talk about books and clothes?

Superman is about freeze breath, lazer vision, and wholesome old-school values.

Get her a super-soaker full of ice water, two lazer pointers, and a few seasons of Andy Griffith on DVD. Throw in a homemade red cape and she'll have some fun.

Seriously though, a superman "gift pack" with these things in it ( plus a few more conventional toys) would probably be a hit.
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Man of Steel Sky Slinger!

Superman Plush

Fisher-Price Superman! (Who knew?)

Superman Man of Steel Krypton Utility Belt. (Stealing a trick from Batman I see.)

Superman Bendable Steel Bar-With Sound Effects!

Superman Ring
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