All smashed UP. How do I wake up tomorrow? Need answer fast.
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Have a second gen UP, UP24/7 on order. iPhone 4s, iOS 7.

Can't wake bedmate up, have to get up an hour earlier. In the past when I set my timer on my iPhone and put in earbuds, I get the alarm in my ears and my phone externally.

Is there some way to disable this? Even with the ringer off I get it externally.

Am I sleeping on the couch tonight?
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Response by poster: not clear sorry - I messed up my old up vibrating alarm and the new one is not here yet.
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Use an audible alarm but put the phone under your pillow?
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Response by poster: Wakes up the hub. :?
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What about this app that turns on a light for the alarm?
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Best answer: It will vibrate only (no sound from earbud or speakers) if you turn the ringer all the way down (under Settings-->Sound.)
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Best answer: Settings > Sounds > Vibrate on Silent. Turn it off. I tested this with my iPhone (5s) in silent mode and I only got the alarm audio, no vibration.
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Response by poster: I went with low audio on the earbuds (music to drown out nocturnal nasal seranade) & vibe in my pocket & just woke up every hour on my own obsessively checking the time. (Yawn). Thanks.
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