Great haircut in NYC?
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I want to get my hair cut, and I'd like to go to someone who can just look at me and say "This, this is what you should do with your hair," or something like that. A genius with scissors. Any recommendations for a really skilled haircutter in NYC? I don't want to pay too much more than $100, if I can help it. Thanks!
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I really love Topher Gross at Arrojo. He is super skilled and gave me haircuts that made everyone go "ooh." Also he is super fun and you always walk away from his chair feeling happy and like a million bucks.
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I love sue at this place. I pay 75ish for a lovely haircut every 6 months.
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My hairdresser is Kim at Hair in Greenpoint. It's her place. As it just so happens, I was there today for my twice annual cut (I'm growing it out), and paid $55 for a fantastic cut, wash, and styling.
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what type of hairstyle are you looking for? long, straight, curly, thick, thin?
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My stylist is Lauren at the Williamsburg Tommy Guns. My hair has never looker better. She trained at Arrojo.
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Thanks, everyone. I'm leaning toward Suite 303, since Bond Street is convenient. Any particular stylist, Spilon?
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Oh, and for reference, my hair is longish and fine.
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