Need a rate for .NET development for agency with pressing need
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I've been approached to do some short-term project work for an agency here in New York City who is up against a tight deadline with their client, and need some advice about rates.

The work is in .NET (C#) using Sitefinity, doing custom development to their CMS.

It's a large agency with deep pockets in a tight spot, so I can be aggressive with my ask, but I don't want to be unreasonable because of the potential for future work. I haven't done .NET contract work in ages, so I don't know what the going rates are. What's a good price (hourly) to set with them?
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rule of thumb minimum is 1/1000 of the annual salary of a full-time employee doing the same work. You could see what job postings are around but I'm guessing that would be $75K in NYC? So maybe $75 to $100 / hr.
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Data point: a friend just started a long-ish term freelance project doing PHP/Drupal development at a large media company in midtown, and he is doing $100/hr. To be clear, he is working through an agency, $100 is his personal rate.
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