Need an ugly holiday sweater in the east San Fernando Valley
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Looking for a place to buy an ugly or garish holiday sweater somewhere in the east San Fernando Valley, to wear to an office party. Thrift stores have apparently stopped receiving them because people are saving them to wear ironically. Somewhere in the east San Fernando Valley, preferably near North Hollywood would be preferred. Also preferably not too expensive as I only plan on wearing this thing once (maybe again for our family get-together.) The uglier the better!
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Our local thriftstores have seriously jacked up the prices for the ugly sweaters if you can find them! Walmart has some sweaters and vests that I find garish - bright colors, large appliqued holiday adornments for $18-20. A guy at work just wore a women's vest from there to our ugly sweater lunch and it was a hit. I think it's especially funny if a guy is wearing a women's item.
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Actually, the Target in Burbank has some in the men's department. I have an office party and thought I'd grab one. You might try Sears as well.
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I believe Urban Outfitters is currently selling ugly/ironic Christmas sweaters (although as I'm in another hemisphere, I have no idea whether there's a branch local to you - if not, pls disregard! ;))
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You might find it cheaper, since you are only going to wear it to the Christmas party anyway, to buy a plain or boringish sweater and then add super glue or iron-on embellishments and go to town. NO SEWING REQUIRED! You can do it in an afternoon, easy.

You could also paint anything Christmasy on a sweater very cheaply and be garish as all get out. Think triangle Christmas tree in green, for example. There are bright squeeze fabric paints for ornaments (even glow in the dark or neon colors!). You don't need any special equipment; you could buy everything at Target or Walmart, including a cheap sweater. You could even buy actual cheap ornaments and superglue them on to your sweater tree!

Hit Michael's or JoAnn's and they will have iron-on Christmas stuff, too. The kids' craft section will have the ugliest, goofiest, most ostentatious designs, but you can also just use multiples to good effect. At any art store, they should inexpensive apparel, at least sweatshirts, for your sweater base, too.

Check out this page for DIY Ugly Sweater ideas, including incorporating your iPad into a sweater if you are more techie than crafty!
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Best answer: Even WAL-MART is in on this! It's CALLED the Ugly Christmas T-Shirt. You can have it shipped to store. Here's one for about half the price, but they may have one at a Wal-Mart near you.

Here's a ghastly number at K-Mart. Or this. Or Holy Jesus, this one. GAH!

And Amazon has some that are so ugly, they'll hurt your feelings.
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