Where can I find an old soda keg fridge?
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Where can I find a refrigerator approximately 30" tall and 12" wide, or thereabouts? Fridges of roughly these proportions used to be made for soda kegs, and I'm hoping to convert one to use for my homebrewed beer. All I want to fit inside is a single cornelius keg, which is 9" in diameter and 23" tall.

I'm a homebrewer working in limited space conditions, and I'm looking to downsize from a standard kegerator setup (converted mini fridge that fits 2 cornelius kegs and a CO2 tank) to a small fridge with an interior compartment roughly the size of a single corny keg. My plan is to install a tap on this fridge, store a single corny keg in it, and then connect the CO2 system from outside of it.

If there's a commercial model of these proportions I'd love to know about it. Or if there's a store that sell old soda fridges I'd be very interested in hearing about those too.

I haven't had much luck searching around google, so I may just lack the correct search term for this particular type of refrigeration unit.

I'm located in the Bay Area but willing to order online.

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Most appliance stores sell kegerators (refrigerator for a keg).
Here. Here. For example.
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Thanks Flood, but my issue is that I'm looking for a particular (and rather unusual) size of kegerator. I have a kegerator similar to those you link to but I want one that takes up much less space and holds just one keg rather than two plus a CO2 tank. Good links though for the other type!
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Does something like this match your requirements?
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Sometimes the best way to get something that specific is to build it, or hire someone else to build it for you.
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Here's one at Amazon.
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I looked in to this a while back and couldn't find one that was specifically designed for a cornelius keg. I did, however, notice that craigslist was a much better resource for these odd-ball size refrigerators - a buddy of mine found a brand new mini "display" fridge (glass door) that holds two cornelius legs perfectly for $50.

If you do find one, post up a link! I need one myself...
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I looked into this and by far the cheapest option is to just buy a regular 1/2 bbl. kegerator, which will hold 2 homebrew kegs plus the CO2 tank and regulator.
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You might have figured it out from the amazon link above, but one of the search terms that might help you is "under counter" refrigerator.
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