Where can I buy reasonably-priced narrow-ruled notebooks online?
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This question has been nagging me for years. In college I used to love Roaring Spring 9 x 11" narrow-ruled notebooks, which the bookstore had at a reasonable price ($3 each or something like that?). Since then I've never been able to find any full-sized narrow-ruled (narrower than college-ruled) notebooks anywhere, either in office supply stores or online. I see that Amazon has exactly what I want, but at the prohibitive price of $61 per notebook (!!). Does anybody have any suggestions of where to buy 9" x 11" narrow-ruled notebooks? Preferably online, but I'm prepared to go to a (Bay Area) office supply store if necessary.
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Narrow ruled notebooks are readily available if you are okay with other sizes. I gather that 9x11 is non-negotiable?

I'm sure I've purchased narrow ruled notebooks (I too prefer them) at Patrick & Co. I love the feel of Rhodia paper and they don't make a narrow rule but they do make a quad rule that is narrow sized and I've gotten used to using those. I get them at Patrick & Co but they are also available online.
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I have a suggestion that is a genuine answer to your problem, but also maybe more work than you're wanting to do. Any printer will print and bind these for you on the cheap if you are willing to buy a sufficient number. Here, that number is around 10 it may be more in the Bay. If that's a path you're interested in going down, you're in luck because the Bay has loads of excellent printing companies. If you call and describe what you want - size of paper, approximate rule, number of sheets per notebook - they will be able to give you a quote for different price breaks. Bonus: You get exactly exactly what you want, and can get it bound in any color you want. If I were ordering these in NM, I would expect to pay around $2 depending on how many I ordered.
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Typing "narrow ruled notebook" into Amazon yields a bunch of 8.5 x 11 notebooks mixed in with the smaller sizes. For me personally, I can't imagine that half-inch making a difference, and I'm wondering if Roaring Spring is simply measuring their notebooks differently than Mead or any other big-name office supply brand would.
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What size rule are you looking for? Maido seems to have at least a few things that fit your request, and have a store in SF and in San Jose (that I know of).
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10 x 8 is fine -- essentially I'd like something like the standard 8.5 x 11 letter size.
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Moleskine XL Cahier ruled, set of 3
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My uncle owns an old-school office and art supply shop up Bancroft Ave in Berkeley, near BAM/PFA. It is called the Ink Stone and is around the corner from Urban Outfitters (up the stairs). They have a good head for ordering high quality stock and could be very useful for you.
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Thanks for your help. Here are more requirements:
* wire-bound
* cost < $4 per notebook (so Moleskin and Maido are out, as are many of the items on Amazon)
* sheets > 80 per notebook
* not sure of size of rule: 6 mm is plausible, but I can't find what 'narrow ruled' translates into in terms of specific size.

As it stands I'm very attracted to the Patrick & Co. notebook Janey47 linked to.
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Staples has 8"x10" narrow ruled notebooks for $3.79, but they only have 80 sheets.
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I am a huge fan of Campus notebooks. Jetpens has them at 5/$21 (only 40 sheets per notebook in that set). But, I often find them on sale at Kinokuniya in NYC, which has a huge selection of Japanese office products. They have a Bay Area store, so maybe it's worth a trip?

This one from Amazon is $2.49 and has 80 sheets.

I find graph paper to be just as satisfying (and much easier/cheaper to find) as the narrow rule.

Buying wholesale may also be an option for cost savings.
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To answer a subquestion, narrow rule is 1/4 inch, or 6.35 mm. According to Wikipedia, and confirmed by measuring some narrow ruled paper.

It doesn't look like they have anything to your exact specs, mostly because they don't carry US sizes, but if you decide you need to compromise, JetPens lets you narrow your search by rule size, number of sheets, paper size, and a whole lot of other things.
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here's one on amazon for $2.49 (oops it was already posted)

if you don't require spiral bound check out the ones at muji. they are nice and are environmentally sustainable.
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Thanks all. Ultimately I bought a case of the Roaring Spring notebooks I originally wanted at Shoplet, where I got 24 notebooks for $63.89.
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