Looking for fairy tale book, read in the mid-1970s.
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Children's book filter: Am thinking it was Sleeping Beauty, though it may have been Rapunzel or some other fairy tale with a wicked queen and a princess.

This is what I distinctly remember: the pages were black, and the stock was thick or made of cardboard (but it was large, not one of those very small preschool board books that is seen today).

The story was told with photographs of dolls in poses that told the story. (And the area around the photographs was black.) I remember a photograph of the doll princess sitting at her spinning wheel, possibly about to prick her finger.

I count on your amazing memories, Mefites!
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I think you're talking about Hans Christian Anderson's The Wild Swans in the Shiba/Golden Press books that came out in the 1960s.
Your question brought back my own late-1960s/early-1970s childhood memory of this book for the first time in many decades. Were the photos holograms?

I recall a picture of the princess at a spinning wheel, spinning sweaters for her enchanted swan brothers out of stinging nettles. When the last sweater was done they would return to human form. I also recall a photo of the brothers protectively surrounding her on a rocky island surrounded by waves.

If this sounds right, I found it here:
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This could definitely be it!! But Amazon's "more inside" is not helping...are the pictures on the inside of the book as well as on the front cover?
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Yes there are also photos inside. I see that the "look inside" doesn't work, but what I recall is that there were 3-D photos on many pages. And hardboard pages.
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