What brand(s) are these coat(s)?
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I'd like to find out what brand(s) of coat(s) Kyle Maclachlan is wearing in this and this photo, it's for a film noir project. Any idea?
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Best answer: I don't know about brand, but the first is a donkey jacket, and the second a trenchcoat, if it helps you to search by style.

Have you tried asking about the specific brands on something like Men's Fashion Forum?
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You could just email the photographer. He might not know, but then again, he might. And at the very least you'll be able to find out the approximate date of the shoot which should narrow your search.
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Best answer: The black velvet trench coat is by Costume National Homme. For some reason it doesn't say in the photo on the stylist's (Scott Newkirk) site who makes the lighter trench coat.
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