How do I create a Share Certificate template?
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Looking at the this blank Share Certificate, how would I create a template to print information in the areas I've x'ed on the scan? I'm using a Brother laser printer if that matters, and I have access to Office 2013 and Acrobat Writer. Thanks.
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I would use Word because then it's all measurements. To do that:

If the paper is important and the only one, first make several copies for testing. Then in Word, set the template margins:
- On the left, right, and bottom, the margin should be from the paper edge to the brown border
- On the top,the margin should be from the paper edge to just a little above the words.

Then put in 2 tables -- one for the top part, and one for the part inside the brown border.

In each table, adjust the cell sizes to match where the blank fields are in the paper -- if it were me, I'd just type in the text to make sure it's matched correctly, note the measurements, and then go from there.

Another idea -- if you have a scanner, you could scan the certificate in, and then add it to Word or PowerPoint as a picture being sure to get the size to 100%. Build the template around the picture, then remove the picture as the last step.
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With Acrobat Pro, at least, all you have to do is designate form fields in the right spots. It's pretty self-explanatory once you find the menu item for forms; otherwise, there should be a how-to in the helpfiles/documentation. Not sure about Acrobat Writer; I assume it can do the same.
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If you were using photoshop, you would do exactly what Houstonian suggests as Another Idea. In fact, it's an idea I have used before. It's much easier than trying to measure it out accurately. The main thing to be aware of is setting the edge of the picture in the same place on the page as the actual certificate. Otherwise, everything will be off by just a little bit. Good luck!
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