Fabric identification assistance requested!
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Can you help me identify or diy-ify this fabric?

Two years ago I bought this awesome scarf on Etsy and It is the best dang piece of clothing I have ever had. I have to restrain myself from wearing it All The Time so I don't wear out the lovely fabric. I would really like to either obtain more of this fabric, obtain another scarf made out of it or maybe somehow recreate the effect and texture myself using my rudimentary sewing skills.
I contacted the original Etsy seller and they didn't have any information other than that the manufacturer stopped making it and they couldn't get any more. After hearing from the Etsy seller I was browsing cheap shoes on amazon and found a pair of shoes that uses the exact same fabric! And there are other colors, too, so there may be a chance the fabric is still being manufactured. I contacted the shoe brand at their website but haven't heard back from them.
The fabric is some kind of thin, gauzy... something... with a colorful wavy yarn sewn or somehow attached to it. Here is a picture that shows the reverse side - the reverse is smooth and the yarn is kind of woven in I think. Although it wasn't originally so frizzy, I've just worn it a lot!

Has anybody seen this fabric in the wild? Even if I can't get my hands on this specific one - does this style of textured yarn-fabric have a name? Has anyone seen anything similar, with elements of this style/coloring, warmth and fuzziness, and/or the multicolored wavy yarn? Or even just the yarn style itself? Thanks a million, fabric detectives of mefi!
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I've seen similar looking fabrics in the home decorating section.

Fabric stores will often have swatch books in the home dec area you can look through.

If you want to diy it, you can zigzag stitch yarn to a backing fabric and get something along those general lines.
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The thick/thin yarn style is called 'slub'. You see it a lot in handspun (and faux-handspun) yarn.
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I don't know what that is called (I would try searching acrylic, stitched rope?)
If you do decide to DIY, here is a good tutorial (though the end result of that is doll hair, the process is the same as what you'd want to do to get those rows tacked down.
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Best answer: I knew I had seen this somewhere.

Colorway 1
Colorway 2
Colorway 3

B & J does swatches so you can check them out.
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Response by poster: HOLY MOLY! wow! I was not expecting the exact match!
Ask Metafilter does it again- Thank you another zebra and everyone! also very glad to learn the term for 'slub' - i'll be knitting myself a slub yarn something someday!
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