What are some "open source" or "free-to-print" games?
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Card Against Humanity is famously available as a PDF to download and print your own copy of the game for free. What are some other games that do this as well? I love the idea of a library of games that we can build ourselves, customize as we wish, etc, etc.
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The print and play category on BoardGameGeek.
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Kevan Davis put together this Freeze-Dried Games Pack, which may be of interest.
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A recent, relavent metafilter post:metafilter.com/134529/Games-people-can-play-by-themselves
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The free section from Cheapass Games.
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I came in here to suggest the Cheapass Games line. I'm particularly a fan of "Deadwood" and "Spree".
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Check out Invisible City Productions. They have many free games with custom boards, etc. that you can download and print and also instructions for games that repurpose other games' pieces and/or boards.
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Professor Liar.
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I recommend the nano-games from Parenthesis Press.
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1000 Blank White Cards has brought endless hours of fun to my circle of friends.
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If you are interested in role-playing and group storytelling, there are many free small story games to be found online. I don't know of a master list, but here are a couple links to free games by Bully pulpit games, and little games by Joe Mcdaldno,
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The Duke, from Catalyst Games, is like chess. No, it’s nothing like chess.

You can get a print and play version at the bottom of the page here.
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If roleplaying games count, there's quite a bit out there (especially the currently popular Pathfinder) redistributable under the Open Game License.
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On particularly interesting take on open source games is the set of Loony Pyramid games. Loony publishes a book, Playing with Pyramids, which catalogs a few games using sets ("stashes") of pyramids of varying colors and sizes. But there's many more community published rule sets on the web. Obviously, you can't download and print injection molded plastic pyramids, but you can print paper versions, or 3D print them if you think you can control quality sufficiently.

Of the Pyramid games, I think my favorite is the rather simple Zendo, an interesting and clever game of logic and deduction. Think Mastermind with way less structure. And in true open source fashion, Zendo is based on an older game, Eleusis, which uses a standard deck of cards. Which I guess demonstrates the heritage of open source gaming: the 52 card deck.
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