Memory book/gift for a new grandmother
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My friend is having her first child, late in life. This will be her mother's only grandchild and I would like to get a gift for her. They are a nontraditional family, however. The grandmother was a single, unmarried mom and her daughter will be as well. The grandmother likes to journal, and ideally I'd like to get a memory book for her, but all the ones I've found geared to grandmothers ask tons of questions about the grandfather, the wedding, the marriage, the baby's father, etc. Can anyone recommend a suitable memory book or a place where I can get a custom one made for a family that fits this description? Short of that, what are other great gifts for a new grandmother (she will be living with the mom and will help raise the child)?
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Look at the answer for the just-asked Questions for my mother
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So there is a "Mom's One Line a Day" journal, but there's also a plain "One Line a Day" journal (which is also lovely).

It's a five year memory book, and doesn't have much space, just enough for a line or two. I think it would be a lovely journal to record the first five or so years!
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I enjoyed the content of The Good Granny Guide, and the title alone makes it a fun gift for a grandma-to-be.
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Tessera Publishing makes memory books that are adjustable based on the family composition (e.g., single mom, single dad, surrogate, twins, same sex parents). Perhaps the single mom & grandparents inserts (leaving out the grandfather pages) would work.
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