Really Good Newsletters?
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Maybe I am just old-school, but I really enjoy getting well-curated newsletters in my e-mail inbox. My favorite is NextDraft, and I also enjoy Harper's Weekly Review, The Quartz Daily Briefing, and Quora's newsletter (that is apparently customized to my activity on their site). What do you look forward to seeing in your inbox on a regular basis?
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I just read Small Beer Press's newsletter, which I really enjoy. Doesn't come very often but I like the format, the editorial voice, and learning about their books. Only comes a few times a year though.
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I enjoy getting's picks of good longform journalism as a weekly email. It's very common for the articles they highlight to quickly show up as FPPs on the blue too.
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I like getting brainpickings in my inbox -- art/literature/philosophy stuff.
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Kale Davis, who does Hacker Newsletter, sent out a list of newsletters that he had compiled - Newsletters Newsletters. It's heavy on the geeky side, but you might find something interesting there.
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The best by far has been the Farnam Street Blog. It is the only weekly newsletter that I legitimately look forward to. The book recommendations are excellent and the writing is nearly always clear and concise. Plus, the topics are always of interest to me. It needs a wider audience.

Tried brainpickings but the articles were a bit too...trivialish. It wasn't well curated.
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Today in Tabs! Just acquired by Newsweek today.
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Today in tabs is basically a daily tl:dr for the internet. It's fantastic.

Edit: jinx!
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I've been enjoying the following:
Ann Friedman's weekly newsletter It features her own writing, but also what she's reading that week around the web.
The Need 2 Know super brief overview of world news (USA centric)

I just started getting the Skimm. Jury's out for me on that one so far.

I also enjoy NextDraft. Newsy newsletters are my new favorite thing!
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I like Narratively.
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Explorator is an archaeology one that has been going for pretty much forever, it's weekly, the latest is issue five thousand and something. It's pretty much just links in categories though.
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I only know about Now I Know because it was linked to from NextDraft, so I suspect you already know about it, but it's great. I admit I don't read every NextDraft every day, but I never skip a Now I Know. I even bought the book for my mom for Christmas.
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